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John and Margaret Cochrane
Owners / Sales & Marketing Consultants

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    Born and bred locals who know almost everyone but are also well known by a huge following of people. There are few people who have so much heart for so many people and it shows in the unique way they bring sellers and buyers together almost effortlessly at times.

    John & Margaret are not only sales agents, they are great listeners. They know the value of property in their area. They both take the time to help clients make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. John & Margaret don't not 'knock off' at 5pm. They are willing to keep going even after dark if a client needs more time to be sure of their purchase or sale. With a 7 day a week work ethic and an amazing ability to match sellers to buyers, John & Margaret are in constant demand. Their generosity and helpful nature can cost them personally but they have great faith in their community and simply love to help.

    Both John & Margaret have milked cows all their lives, raised 2 boys, run the biggest real estate business in Gympie, direct their own restaurant, cafe and function rooms, conduct livestock sales, own and run Kenilworth Dairies and Margaret is a marriage celebrant in her spare time. Is this Superman & Wonder Woman? No just another hard working country couple who put other people first.